2017 Reading Challenge


Welcome 2017!! Two. Thousand. Seventeen. Crazy because didn’t 2016 just start? We aren’t going to talk New Year Resolutions, because fail. Let’s talk Reading Challenges! In the past I have simply chosen a number of books to read per year and each year that number has grown little by little (yay me!). This year I will expand on that by incorporating certain challenges to meet “x” number of books. I didn’t follow any one challenge although I will link a couple below. Last year I read 23 books so I am going to increase that slightly to 25 for 2017.

For 12 books I’ll follow the below prompts:

  1. A Book of Letters/mixed media
  2. Audiobook
  3. A book written by multiple authors
  4. Bestseller of a genre that you don’t generally read
  5. Book about someone with a disability
  6. Published in 2017
  7. 1st book in a series that you haven’t read before
  8. National Book Award Winner
  9. Banned Book
  10. Book with Child Narrator
  11. Book that has been on TBR for a long time
  12. A book that you should have read in school

The other 13 books will just be whatever I grab. Of course my TBR is endless, I subscribe to BOTM, and new books come out every month so these won’t be hard to find!

What do you plan to read this year?

Popsugar 2017 Reading List

2017 Reading Challenge List


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